Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wedding Gowns!! I love wedding gowns!

I have been of the mindset that plain white was the only way to go for a wedding. However, I made this beautiful gown recently for a friend that included a deep teal inset panel in the front and a lovely matching teal sash. While I still love the traditional clean white best, I'm enjoying the idea of a little color in the wedding gown for the reception.

The floating lace overlay she chose was just lovely and I was able to lay the finished scalloped edge over the inset panel down the front. The most beautiful detail was the silver rosette piece the bride found for the center front of the sash. It was just perfect!

I had so much fun making this modest gown for her, and the payoff was seeing her walk down the aisle almost as happy with the dress as she was with her handsome husband!

I'm ready for another challenge... anybody need a wedding gown??

And just for fun: Here's the gown I made for my oldest daughter last summer...